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About Us/FAQs

Who is Go2sleep Gallery®?

Go2sleep Gallery® was founded in 2018 in upstate NY in response to better technology being developed for mattress selection. bedMATCH™, one of the core technologies at Go2sleep Gallery®, allows a single or pair of sleepers to get accurate scientific results about their sleep habits and needs. This results in a better, more supportive mattress selection than simply laying on a test mattress for several minutes to get a sense of its comfort. Our entire selection of brand name bedding at Go2sleep® is color-coded to make finding your perfect bed a breeze – across all brands and price points!

Go2sleep Selection

Go2sleep® has partnered with the leading experts and manufacturers in the bedding industry. As a result, our sleep experts have extensive training in matching you to your new bed! ALL of our large selection of mattresses have been independently tested and coded to make shopping for your new mattress seamless once you receive your bedMATCH™ results. Getting the perfect night’s sleep is not about selling you a mattress. It is about fitting you to the right mattress!

40-Day Mattress Exchange / Comfort Guarantee

A new mattress purchase can be a significant investment. We believe our customers should be happy with their mattress purchase. We also know there are instances when a new mattress just doesn’t meet our customers’ satisfaction after sleeping on it for 20 nights. We want you to be confident in your purchase, which is why we offer a 40 Night Comfort Guarantee.

During the life of your previous mattress, your body and sleep habits will have adjusted to a gradual loss of support. It takes 20 nights for your body to adjust to the support and comfort of a brand-new mattress.

In order for us to offer a 40 Night Comfort Guarantee you MUST be fitted for your new mattress using BEDMATCH™ and buy a mattress protector from Olum’s with your purchase.

BEDMATCH™ uses science to measure your pressure points, combining those results with your sleep preferences to help you find the perfect sleep support! Enhance your sleep experience and get an unbiased match based on your needs, sleep habits, and sleep support – across ALL brands in the Go2sleep Gallery! A good mattress protector will keep your mattress free of stains and soil which voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Mattress protectors available at Olum’s are washable and come with a ten-year guarantee. Your sales associate will be happy to help you find the right mattress protector for you.

If after 20 nights (from the date of delivery) you decide you are not satisfied with your selection, Olum’s will allow you to re-select a replacement as long as it is done before the 40 Night Comfort Guarantee expires.

If the replacement is equal to or less than the original mattress, there will be no additional charges and no credit and/or refund will be issued. If the replacement price is higher, you are responsible to pay the difference in price including all applicable sales tax.

The Olum’s Comfort Guarantee only pertains to the mattress, it does not cover matching foundations, adjustable bases or any other bedding products.

All returned mattresses must be clean and free of any stains in order for us to return them to the manufacturer. A $99.00 pick-up and delivery fee will be applied to the one-time replacement.

There is a limit of 1 comfort exchange per purchase.

The 40 Night Comfort Guarantee is VOID if there is no mattress protector purchased with the original mattress or a BEDMATCH™ result is not attached to your sale.

There is no Comfort Guarantee on close-outs, floor samples, or mattresses purchased at the Clearance Center.

Due to the nature of its unique size, California King is excluded from our Comfort Guarantee. Please be sure that you in fact need a California King.

There can be no verbal changes to this Comfort Guarantee.

Please make sure your receipt shows a mattress protector along with the mattress in order to validate your Comfort Guarantee at the time of sale.

The above policy is provided by Olum’s for the benefit of our customers.
We sincerely hope you sleep healthier, better and more rested.


Buy with confidence with our 30 Day Price Guarantee! If you find a lower price locally within 30 Days of your purchase we’ll credit you the difference! See store for full details and qualifications.

Delivery Service

From day one, Go2sleep Gallery® is committed to providing a quality customer experience. Extending beyond the initial purchase, our handling and delivery process is designed to meet or exceed those same standards, so you’re as satisfied with your in-store experience as you are when your product arrives on delivery day. With no hidden fees and competitive rates, our delivery service includes white glove delivery into your home. To learn more about Go2sleep Gallery’s delivery policy or to inquire about our delivery process, give us a call at 1-800-964-5690.

Always Know When We Will Arrive


Waiting around for a delivery can disrupt your daily routine. But at Go2sleep Gallery® we provide a three-hour delivery window, so you know exactly when you can expect your item to arrive. Plus, when you opt for text message notifications, you’ll receive a message three days prior to the scheduled delivery, giving you plenty of time to reschedule if needed. For additional convenience, you can use our delivery tracker below to find out when you can expect delivery.

Friendly, Courteous Delivery


Before our team of trained delivery professionals arrives at your home, we’ll inspect your product to help ensure it’s in good condition. During delivery, our professionals will remove all packaging from your product for recycling – last year alone, we saved over 59,000 tons of packaging from entering landfills. Have a question about handling or delivery? Call Go2sleep Gallery® today at 1-800-964-5690, or reach out to your nearest Go2sleep Gallery® location. For details about specific delivery policies, please review the delivery information below.

Path of Delivery


Please be sure passageways to the location of the new purchase is clear of any obstruction which could impede delivery or cause injury. This includes clearing the driveway and entrance to your home of any building debris, ice, snow, mud, furniture, etc. Removing door jams, door casings, molding, railings, etc, in order to clear the path of delivery must be completed before the arrival of our delivery team. If necessary, our delivery team will remove standard doors to accommodate the new product, but Go2sleep Gallery® assumes no liability for damage resulting from performing this service.


Find your best night’s sleep today – and Go2sleep®!

At other bedding stores, you’re forced to pick out a mattress based on how it feels after only a few minutes of testing it in the store, but not at Go2sleep Gallery®. In the Go2sleep Gallery®, we utilize the bedMATCH system, which pairs you with a mattress tailored for your body type and preferred sleeping position using scientific calculations.

Find the bed that best fits you!