How Your Mattress’s Base Affects Your Sleep

During the bed buying process, so much emphasis is placed on picking out the right mattress. However, the other components of your bed are just as important to ensuring a great night’s sleep – especially your mattress’s foundation or box spring. Before shopping for one at Go2sleep™, here’s what to be aware of when it comes to finding the most ideal base for your bed and a perfect night’s sleep.

Why Do I Need a Base for My Bed?

There are many valid reasons why Go2sleep™ recommends the purchase of the appropriate bed base for whichever mattressyou choose. For starters, the proper base can extend the life of your investment by limiting the wear and tear on your mattress. A sturdy foundation or box spring will prevent your mattress from sagging in certain areas, as well as limit dust and allergens on the floor from seeping into your bed.

Providing your mattress with more height, bed bases also enhance air flow through the mattress. Both box springs and foundations are designed with breathable material to provide airflow that is adequate enough to keep you and your bed cool all night long.

Regardless of the type of bed base in question, you’ll experience negative impacts on the quality of your sleep if your mattress isn’t sufficiently supported from underneath. Aside from faulty foundations or box springs causing your mattress to sag and even become permanently damaged, you may also wake up in a great deal of pain due to the lack of support.

Foundation vs. Box Spring

At Go2sleep™, one of the most common clarifications our customers request when browsing our selection of bed basesis the difference between a foundation and a box spring. Knowing this information is vital to properly supporting your mattress, preventing you from developing pain overnight and keeping your mattress in the best possible condition.

Box springs are designed to shift with every movement your mattress experiences, whether you’re rolling over during the night or getting in and out of bed. They are typically framed in wood and contain layers of supporting coils to keep the weight of the mattress evenly distributed. More often than not, box springs are used in conjunction with a metal bed frame.

On the other hand, foundations are firmer than box springs, and that’s because they do not contain any coils. Instead, they provide a sturdy, even base and typically consist of a wooden frame and supporting wooden slats.

Tips for Bed Base Shopping

How can you determine if a box spring or foundation is right for you? It all depends on the type of mattress you purchase. When you visit the Go2sleep Gallery™, you’ll have the chance to utilize our bedMATCH™ technologythat analyzes your sleep preferences, measures your pressure points and recommends the best mattress based on your results.

Once that detail is squared away, you can focus on pairing your mattress with the appropriate base. Box springs are usually ideal for a variety of mattresses, from innerspring coil mattresses to air beds. This is because they do a great job of absorbing the pressure from every movement.

Meanwhile, foundations are ideal for foam or hybrid mattresses. However, it is essential to ensure the supporting slats of your foundation are less than three inches apart. If they are farther apart than that, your mattress runs the risk of sagging through the spaces and aging prematurely – not to mention changing the comfort level of your entire bed.

We’re Here to Help

Featuring top brands, we offer box springs and foundations to fit mattresses of all sizes, including four foundationsmanufactured by Go2sleep®. If a box spring or foundation doesn’t seem like the right bed base for you, we even offer a number of motion basesto accommodate any sleeper’s preferences. For more information, stop into our Vestal or North Syracuse locationsand contactus today.