Is arthritis pain and discomfort causing you to stay awake at night?

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, which typically worsen with age. Being in constant pain can be unnerving and lead to issues such as difficulty falling asleep and restless leg syndrome.

Senior with arthritis

You can help alleviate arthritis pain and sleep better at night with the proper mattress support and knowing your sleep habits. Whether you’re a side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper, it’s important to understand how to pick a mattress based on your individual sleeping position and sleep habits.

3 Ways to help reduce joint pain and discomfort while you sleep are:

  1. Find a supportive mattress that meets your needs.
  2. Discover your ideal sleep position.
  3. Finding the ideal sleep accessories.


Find a supportive mattress that meets your needs.

Our Go2sleep team utilizes a bedMATCH™ technologysystem, which pairs you with a mattress tailored for your body type and preferred sleeping position using scientific calculations. The first step in determining what mattress best suits your needs is to measure pressure points. Over 1,000 scientific calculations, using 18 statistical measurements and the information you provide about your sleep preferences, informs your decision at the Go2sleep Gallery. At other bedding stores, you’re forced to pick out a mattress based on how it feels after only a few minutes of testing it in the store. At Go2sleep, our bedMATCH™ identifies the optimal postural support for your body based on your body type and sleeping position.

We use the calculations to determine the right mattresses that will help your body stay properly aligned and supported during sleep, across all major brands in our stores! When you lie down on the bedMATCH test bed for three minutes, bedMATCH will utilize statistical measurements and over 1,000 scientific calculations to determine your correct level of postural support. Each individual has his or her own unique postural support requirements. Studies in healthy individuals have found that sleep deprivation is associated with an increase in inflammatory markers measured in the blood.

Discover your ideal sleep position.

There’s no one-size-fits-all sleep position. Using your bedMATCH recommendations as a guide, lie down on each of the recommended mattress models and choose the one that provides your preferred level of comfort and pressure relief. Sleeping on your back is going to be the best position if you suffer from TMD (temporomandibular disorders) pain. While sleeping on the side can be the best way to help relieve pressure on these points, thus reducing pain while sleeping. The fetal position is the best way to reduce pain in the shoulders, lower back, chest, and back of knees.

Combining the scientifically grounded recommendations provided by the bedMATCH system with your own choice of pressure relief, bedMATCH helps you find the mattress that is the perfect match for your sleeping position.

Finding the ideal sleep accessories.

The right pillows and sleep accessories can reduce the pain and discomfort experienced during sleeping. A Multi-Comfort Bed Pillow will deliver a dual comfort sleep experience with luxurious cushioning and restorative alignment all night, so you feel refreshed all-day. Instead of using the pillow under the head, place the pillow under the stomach. This helps to prevent the back from arching the wrong way, thus reducing pressure and pain.

Sleeping Better with Go2sleep™

Treating insomnia is an important step in managing arthritis. A restful night’s sleep often starts with the right mattress. The right mattress should conform to and support your body. As your spinal column realigns, the muscles in your legs relax and your blood circulates properly. So instead of waking up sore and tired, you wake up stronger and healthier! Receive individual color-coded mattress recommendations based on the science of bedMATCH technology and start sleeping better today! Visit one of our locationsin Vestal or North Syracuse to learn more.