How bedMATCH™ Can Help You Find the Perfect Night’s Sleep

You know it’s time to invest in a new mattress, but it can be a tricky experience to navigate all of your options. Which mattress will be most comfortable? Which will provide the necessary postural support you require? At Go2sleep™, you won’t be forced to take home a mattress after only testing it out for a few minutes. You’ll be able to utilize our innovative bedMATCH™ technology, which will point you in the right direction. Here’s a look at the entire process.


What it Feels Like Sleeping On the Ideal Mattress

What is bedMATCH?

When the Go2sleep Gallery® was founded in 2018, we immediately introduced better mattress selection technology to upstate New York. One of our core tools, bedMATCH™, provides single sleepers or couples with accurate information about their sleep habits and needs, which is based on scientific results. During the process, sleepers lay on the bedMATCH™ bed for further analysis.

bedMATCH™ then pairs our customers with the most ideal mattress that best fits body type and preferred sleeping position. So rather than only laying on a test mattress at other mattress providers, Go2sleep™ provides a more comprehensive approach to mattress selection. Here’s a look at the four simple steps in the bedMATCH™ process.

Step 1 – Answer Some Questions

When you first arrive at Go2sleep® to utilize bedMATCH™, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire about your health and sleep preferences. This includes answering questions about the following:

  • Age
  • Diet
  • Height and weight
  • Pillow preferences
  • Preferred sleeping position(s)
  • How long you typically sleep for
  • What side of the body you sleep on
  • Any health issues you may experience

Step 2 – Three-Minute Rest Test

Next, sleepers are asked to lay down on the bedMATCH™ machine for three minutes. During this time, it will measure your body’s pressure points while utilizing the information from your questionnaire to determine the ideal level of postural support your new mattress should provide. At other bedding stores, this technology is not available, and you’d be forced to make a decision based on lying on various different mattresses and picking what you think is best – not what science says is best.


Step 3 – Receive Your Results

Following the testing, you’ll receive individualized mattress recommendations based on the scientific results determined by the bedMATCH™ technology. The system will provide information on the best style and firmness levels from Go2sleep®’s selection of over 60 mattresses. Even if couples receive different results, the bedMATCH™ system finds the ideal mattress to serve both sleepers. We offer a full range of firmness options, including:

  • Plush
  • Luxury Firm
  • Hybrid Plush
  • Hybrid Latex Plush
  • Hybrid Latex Firm
  • Hybrid Firm


Step 4 – Start Shopping

Using your customized results, you can then shop our entire selection of mattressesto find your perfect night’s sleep. Our catalog features beds across all price points and is color-coded to line up with your test results – making finding the most ideal mattress as easy as possible. You’ll also be able to choose from some of the top brands in the bedding industry, including:


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From the fast and simple bedMATCH™ testing process to color-coded mattress selection based on your personalized results, you’ll find the best mattress with the ideal level of support at the Go2sleep Gallery™. With locationsin North Syracuse or Vestal, Olum’s believes in the quality of every product Go2sleep® offers. For more information on securing a long-term positive sleep experience, contactus today.