What Type of Mattress Is for Me?

Different mattresses were made for different kinds of sleepers. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position or whether you like firm or soft mattresses, there are numerous types of mattresses available that can help you get a better night’s sleep. Here’s a look at the advantages of each mattressand how the Go2sleep Gallery™will help you find the perfect match.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic, a very soft and highly energy absorbent material. They evenly distribute the weight of the body by conforming to all of your curves, and the mattress returns to its original shape when you get up. Ideal for side sleepers, memory foam mattresses boast a long list of benefits, including:

  • Relief from body aches, joint pain and soreness
  • Sag-resistant with a lifespan of eight to 10 years
  • Sufficient support for the shoulders, hips and spine
  • Becomes softer as the temperature increases for added comfort

Gel Memory Foam

Like memory foam mattresses, these are also made from viscoelastic. However, the viscoelastic is infused with gel to offer a wider range of benefits compared to memory foam alone. These include:

  • A different firmness level than memory foam alone
  • Bounces back to its original form fast when pressure is removed
  • Keeps you cooler at night by distributing body heat more effectively
  • Relieves pressure in joints, bones and muscles by providing added support


On the right innerspring mattress, all types of sleepers can be comfortable and get a restful sleep. Also known as coil mattress, innersprings are named quite literally, as they utilize an internal system of metal springs to support the body. While the number of coils in innerspring mattresses can vary, the more that are included in the design, the higher the quality is of the support. There are several benefits of innerspring systems, including:

  • Remains cool throughout the night thanks to air flow between springs
  • Supportive for all types of sleepers, especially those with back pain or are overweight
  • High quality foams, fibers and other upholstery materials to provide comfortable padding

Pillow Top

These mattresses get their name due to the fact that its top layer looks like a pillow. Softer and thicker than other types of mattresses, pillow tops come with additional padding for even more softness and comfort. Also known as box tops, they allow sleepers to sink into the mattress while keeping their backs aligned properly. Ideal for side and back sleepers, its advantages include:


  • Long lasting and low maintenance
  • Returning to original shape after being slept on
  • Less pain in the back, hips and shoulders thanks to ideal pressure point support
  • High quality padding materials, including memory foam, latex, batting or polyurethane foam


Among the most popular mattress types, latex mattresses offer durability and comfort. They conform to the body and returns to its original shape in a similar way to memory foam mattresses. Both natural latex and synthetic latex can be used to fill latex mattresses. The main benefits include:

  • Stays cool overnight
  • Highly durable with a lifespan of over 20 years
  • Ideal for those who move a lot during the night
  • Varying levels of firmness to accommodate all types of sleepers

Adjustable Base

Also known as a reclining bed, an adjustable base allows you to lift the head and foot sections of the mattress at angles varying from 40 to 70 degrees. This means you can adjust your bed into a more comfortable position to watch television, read and even sleep.Motion basesare also ideal for couples who have differing sleep preferences, as each partner can control his or her own side of the bed. Other advantages include:

  • Compatible with a wide range of mattress types
  • Promotion of good posture and proper circulation
  • Targets sleep-related problems (acid reflux, sleep apnea, muscle aches, etc.)
  • Customizable support for hips, shoulders, back and more by adjusting the mattress

We’ll Help You Decide

With so many options, the only way to know you’re purchasing the right mattress is by stopping into the Go2sleep Gallery™ in Vestal or North Syracuse, New York, to try several out for yourself. We’ll point you in the right direction with the assistance of our bedMATCH™ system, which utilizes technologyto analyze your sleep preferences, measure your pressure points and provide science-based results. To learn more, contactus today.