bedMATCH, one of the leading technologies at Go2sleep Gallery™, allows a single or pair of sleepers to get accurate scientific results about their sleep habits and needs. This results in a better, more supportive mattress selection than simply laying on a test mattress for several minutes to get a sense of its comfort. The bedMATCH process is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

Step 1

Answer a few questions about your sleep preferences.

Step 2

Complete a 3-minute test rest on the bedMATCH machine while it measures your pressure points.

Step 3

Receive individual color-coded mattress recommendations based on the science of bedMATCH technology. Plus a combined pair result if your partner also bedMATCHed.

Step 4

Shop our entire mattress selection using your tailored results – for the perfect night’s sleep!

Our entire selection of brand name bedding at Go2sleep™ is color-coded to make finding your perfect bed a breeze – across all brands and price points! From the quick testing process to easy mattress selection, Go2sleep Gallery™ simplifies your mattress-shopping process, so you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to picking out a mattress. Plus, with personalized recommendations backed by science, you’ll be able to find a mattress that provides the right level of support for a long-term positive sleep experience.

Sleep Tailor™

Sleep Tailor™ makes finding the right pillow just as easy! Fill out a quick questionnaire of your sleeping habits to find the best pillow for your mind and body.

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At other bedding stores, you’re forced to pick out a mattress based on how it feels after only a few minutes of testing it in the store, but not at Go2sleep Gallery®. In the Go2sleep Gallery®, we utilize the bedMATCH system, which pairs you with a mattress tailored for your body type and preferred sleeping position using scientific calculations.

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